Internet Explorer 7’s Security

According to CNET News:

Microsoft plans to automatically push Internet Explorer 7 to Windows XP users when the browser update is ready later this year.

IE 7 will be delivered in the fourth quarter as a “high priority” update via Automatic Updates in Windows XP…

The jury is still out on this one, but this bit of news is probably a good thing. IE7 should have fewer security flaws than IE6 (currently the most widely used browser), although it is unlikely that it will be as secure as competing browsers like Firefox, Opera, Netscape, or Safari.

This improves everyone’s security

While I don’t recommend Internet Explorer, the fact is that the majority of internet users are still browsing the web with it, and an improvement in this browser’s security will be good for everyone.

We’re all connected to each other on the internet, which means that your neighbour’s level of security affects your level of security. Individuals with weak security help to spread viruses, spam, and other scourges of the internet – a better Internet Explorer can help to minimize these dangers.

As more information becomes available, I will keep you updated on how the latest iteration of Internet Explorer stacks up with the other browsers in terms of security.

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