Get an antivirus program

If you have been following this blog, you have so far installed a firewall, spyware and adware detectors, and a secure browser to keep you feeling safe and warm at night. And the best part is that it hasn’t cost you a single gold nugget to do so. Now it’s time for the final piece of software that is absolutely vital if you wish to protect your computer. As always, it’s free.

It takes a pirate to know a pirate

Avast! is a simple and clean, but ever swashbuckling, antivirus program that will have viruses walking the plank and begging for mercy. But there will be no mercy. Download it, update it often, scan often, and live a long, fully-toothed life on the high seas of security.

In an upcoming post I will map out how to use your new virus scanner most effectively. Here’s the gist of it: it’s easier to prevent viruses from boarding your ship in the first place than it is to fight them off once they’ve ransacked your rum rations and gorged a hole in the hull of your once mighty vessel.

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