Do you still use Internet Explorer 6?

My server logs tell me that 55% of the visitors to this site use Internet Explorer, 25% use Firefox, and most of the remaining 20% use Opera, Safari, Konquerer, or Phoenix.

Unfortunately, the statistics package I use is not sophisticated enough to tell me which version of each browser people are using. So, one of the questions I have is this. How many of you still use Internet Explorer 6? If you use IE6, It’d be great if you’d leave a brief comment on why you use it, and, more specifically, why you use it even though its security is awful.

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Debit machines stealing PINs in Vancouver

Handheld debit machines in police evidence bag

Have you used a debit card in Vancouver, Canada recently? If so, check your next bank statement carefully and contact your bank immediately if there are any unauthorized transactions.

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