The future of this weblog

Up until now, this weblog has focused on two things:

  1. Privacy and security news items
  2. Tips and tools to stay secure and keep your privacy intact

Both are important. However, only one will continue to receive attention on this weblog over the next year.

Because I will be doing some extensive travelling, I will not have the time or opportunity to make the frequent updates required to keep current with news items.

Periodically, I will continue to post articles and advice on how to stay secure online and off, although these may not come as frequently as they have so far. There are numerous topics I have yet to cover and I will continue to post on those whenever I get the chance. In fact, I haven’t even broached some of the best stuff I want to publish here.

What’s in the bag

Eventually, I will compile all of the tips I post about here that pertain to software and the critical behavioral aspects of security and privacy in a small, downloadable ebook.

Although I will likely charge money for the ebook, one thing is certain: The information on this website has always been and will always be free and accessible in the form that it is now. For those who are willing to sort through the archives, all the information that would be compiled into the ebook will remain free on this website. The ebook would just be a shortcut to a lot of neatly packaged information for those who don’t mind paying for the convenience.

I’ve made up a rough outline for the contents of the ebook and will publish it shortly. Here are a few things that will be included:

  1. How to make great passwords
  2. How to be sure there is no spyware in software before downloading it
  3. What to expect from your bank in terms of privacy and security
  4. How to safely accept file transfers through email and instant messaging programs

The list of things I want to include is not yet complete, so I would really like to know what you want to have included. Leave a comment below or send an email to me with your thoughts!

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