Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7

Major upgrades to both Firefoxand Internet Explorer have been released in the last week. Since I am travelling, I am unable to do a thorough test of the new features in each; instead, I recommend reading Wired News’s review of the browsers:

The good news is that both browsers have seen some significant enhancements in three key areas: user experience, security and web standards. The bad news is that one browser still has better features and standards support than the other.

So, as far as security is concerned, it appears that the playing field has been levelled between Internet Explorer and Firefox. I am thrilled about this – as more internet users use secure browsers, the internet gets safer overall.

However, I’m sure there will be a lot of testing in the near future that will demonstrate weaknesses in both browsers, so stay tuned for more information on which will keep you safest. For now, if you’re wondering which browser to install, pick the one that you enjoy using – just stand ready to install the other one if new information comes into play.

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  1. Comment by Tom — 30 October 2006 @ 12:34 pm

    2 million Firefox downloaded in 24 hours, totally beat IE7.

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