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Many software review sites don’t mention security. That may be because security can be difficult to assess from the outside, unless you’re a hacker. However, we have noticed that some review sites do consider security and they do it in a way that may seem surprising at first: they simply ask, “does the company’s website talk about security?” Does that make sense? Let’s look at an example to find out.

Example of a document automation review website that assesses security is an example of a website that reviews document automation software and incorporates the security of the software into its grading system.

The reality is that the security of each document automation software package is opaque, and difficult to impossible for an outsider to assess, at least apart from engaging in a penetration test.

However, takes a simple tack: it simply checks whether the document automation software vendor discusses security on its website. If it does, the company is deemed to have a degree of security conscientiousness; if it doesn’t, the company is deemed to have potentially overlooked security issues.

Is this technique helpful?

While mentioning security on one’s website may be superficial, we agree that it does indicate whether the company’s staff are at least somewhat security conscious and thinking about security. It’s an imperfect metric, to be sure, but we think it’s better than nothing!

So the next time you’re considering buying document automation software, consider browsing their website and observing whether the website talks about security. It’s not a guarantee, but if they mention it they are more likely to take security concerns seriously than if they fail to mention it altogether.

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