Do you still use Internet Explorer 6?

My server logs tell me that 55% of the visitors to this site use Internet Explorer, 25% use Firefox, and most of the remaining 20% use Opera, Safari, Konquerer, or Phoenix.

Unfortunately, the statistics package I use is not sophisticated enough to tell me which version of each browser people are using. So, one of the questions I have is this. How many of you still use Internet Explorer 6? If you use IE6, It’d be great if you’d leave a brief comment on why you use it, and, more specifically, why you use it even though its security is awful.

For those who prefer Internet Explorer over other browsers, try upgrading to IE7. It’s a tremendous security improvement over version 6 and it may be especially important to upgrade as Microsoft puts more of its security efforts toward IE7, leaving IE6 users relatively unsuported and vulnerable.

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