Price drop on ebook

The Defending the Kingdom eBook is now just $4. It neatly encapsulates all the best advice found on this site, plus a bit more!

The information on this website will always be free, but I’m betting that many of the 7,000 readers of this site will find it more convenient to get all the best tips in a single book rather than having to search through the 70+ posts in the archive.

However you get your security advice, thanks for reading and making this site a success!

(P.s. Want a free taste of the eBook? Check out the first 5 pages.)

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Privacy loss: hidden or accepted costs?

From Wired News blog Threat Level:

Bringing what he sees in the world to ToorCon, infamous security expert Beetle says that the web community — and hackers — are missing the point and mis-estimating the dangers of the web.

The danger lies not in government monitoring, that’s been thoroughly recognized and railed against, Beetle says. It’s what we’re willing to let people do to our stuff so we can get it for free. Google’s autoscrubbing our searches for words to sell us stuff in the future is more dangerous to our privacy and future than pointless government monitoring, he says.

Do people understand the dangers and accept them? Or do they underestimate the dangers, and so never have a chance to work out the costs and benefits?

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Defending the Kingdom readers!

There are now almost 5,000 of you, which is great. If you are looking for coverage of a specific security topic in 2008, leave a comment – I might just write about it.

Take care,


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eBook price drop

It’s been three months since I launched the Defending the Kingdom eBook, and it’s time for a price drop. In addition to lowering the price to $6, I’ve made some minor updates to the book.

Also, check out the free eBook Package, which includes everything you need to set things straight if you’ve had your identity stolen: sample letters to creditors and collection agencies, a step-by-step guide listing everyone you need to contact, a spreadsheet to keep track of your efforts, and an FTC affidavit.

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Fat man

I was rifling through the statistics for this blog recently, and noticed that this site ranks highly for Google Images searches of “fat man“. The image responsible (credit: Yuri Tand), which I posted adjacent to a story about how some big-name antivirus products are bloated and unruly, is currently ranked fourth third on Google:

Fat man staring at skinny man on bench

Unfortunately, the photo above is still ranked less highly for fat man searches than this gem (as well as a couple other, less charming photos):

Fat man on beach

I realize that the fat man term is a highly competitive one, but here’s hoping this site overtakes the current forerunners!

31 October 2007 update: Defending the Kingdom is now #2 on Google searches for “fat man”. I’m very proud.

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