Best of DtheK

A few posts from the Defending the Kingdom archive, which summarize well the reasons I keep this blog.

  1. Why security is a problem that will, unfortunately, always be with us.
  2. Why we can’t expect technology to solve all of our security problems.
  3. How to think about security problems as a compromise between security and effort spent getting it.

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Firefox and Internet Explorer

Firefox and Internet Explorer Logos

In September 2007, I wrote that “IE7 seems consistently to have more unpatched vulnerabilities than does Firefox”. Worse, Internet Explorer owned the more serious vulnerabilities.

That’s still true. According to Secunia, Internet Explorer 7 has 27 security vulnerabilities, ten of which remain unpatched. Firefox has 23 security vulnerabilities, nearly as many as Internet Explorer, but only three of them are unpatched.

Microsoft has made IE7 far more secure than the previous incarnation of the browser, but it looks like the Firefox can’t be caught.

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