Security is not a switch

It would be nice if there existed a straightforward security solution for every security problem in the world. Unfortunately, security is not that simple. Managing your security requires that you recognize an important point: security is not a switch that reads either “on” or “off”.

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Vesik method

In early November 2006, I wrote about how to foil keyloggers. The Vesik Method, outlined in the article, improves your level of security when you suspect a computer is harvesting your keystrokes but are in dire need of checking your bank account, email, or other sensitive service.

Because I’ve been travelling for the last 3 months in Asia, I have had access only to public computer terminals, mostly internet cafes. The majority of the computers I get to use are sputtering and coughing from infection, so I’m sure some are indeed logging my keystrokes. I’ve been using the Vesik Method to minimize the danger, so far with good results. None of my passwords appear to be compromised, despite entering them onto some of the most spyware-polluted computers I’ve seen.

Give it a try the next time you’re in the same situation.

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